Transferring warranty coverage to a replacement workstation

This article will guide you through the process of transferring warranty coverage from a soon-to-be disposed-of workstation to its replacement.

For US-based partners, this article also includes instructions for arranging a package drop-off or pickup disposal. Please note that the disposal option is only available to those based in the US, including Hawaii and Alaska.

To transfer warranty coverage to a replacement workstation, please follow these steps in each section:

Transferring coverage

  1. Start Warranty Transfer
  2. Enter replacement workstation details

Disposing of your old workstation

  1. Complete disposal order
  2. Arrange disposal shipment
    1. Print shipping label
    2. Schedule a package pickup

Prerequisites - A service request must have been submitted on the workstation in order to transfer warranty coverage to a replacement workstation. See How to open warranty service requests for instructions.

Transferring coverage

Start warranty transfer

Once you've successfully set up the new asset and moved all the data over from the old asset, any Lifecycle Manager member can complete the final process of transferring coverage from the old asset to the replacement, right within the Lifecycle Manager app.

From Warranties > Service Requests, click the Request status button, and from there, click Get started in the next steps section to begin transferring coverage to the replacement workstation.


Enter replacement workstation details

On the transfer coverage page, enter the following information for the replacement workstation:

Replacement asset

  • Serial Number

  • Name

  • Manufacturer

  • Model

For partners outside of the US, click transfer coverage.

After clicking the transfer coverage button, you’ll receive a confirmation that the coverage was transferred, and for those outside the US, the process is complete.

Once this has been completed, you can go ahead and dispose of or repurpose the old asset yourself.

If you're based in the US, you'll see a Continue to Disposal button.

Disposing of your old workstation

Complete disposal order

US-based partners will be directed to the disposal page. Confirm that the pickup and return address are correct before clicking on Complete disposal.

If the address is not correct, click Use a different address and enter the correct information.

Arrange disposal shipment

After your order has been placed, you can:

Arrange to drop your package(s) off at the nearest USPS location


Schedule a pickup with USPS

Print shipping label

Click the Print shipping label button to add to your package.

Schedule a package pickup

Do you have packages ready to ship? Our integrated service enables you to request a pickup without leaving the order process.

Click Schedule a pickup to add to your package. Enter your name, email address, relevant information, and pickup date, and click Request pickup.

Once a disposal order is received and processed, we’ll send you a certificate confirming disposal and data destruction.

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