Transferring warranty coverage to a replacement workstation

This guide details how to transfer warranty coverage to a new workstation and, for U.S.-based partners (including Hawaii and Alaska), how to arrange to dispose of the old equipment.

To transfer warranty coverage to a replacement workstation, please follow these steps in each section:

Transferring Warranty Coverage

  1. Initiate Warranty Transfer
  2. Enter Replacement Workstation Details

Disposing of the old workstation (U.S. Based Partners)

  1. Complete Disposal Order
  2. Arrange Disposal Shipment
    1. Print Shipping Label
    2. Schedule a Package Pickup

Prerequisites - A service request must have been submitted on the workstation in order to transfer warranty coverage to a replacement workstation. See Opening Workstation Assurance service requests for instructions.

Transferring Warranty Coverage

  1. Initiate the Warranty Transfer:

    1. Access the Lifecycle Manager app after setting up your replacement workstation and transferring all necessary data from the old equipment.
    2. From the Top Menu bar, click Marketplace > Workstation Assurance.
    3. Navigate to the Service Requests menu, select the Request status button, and click Get started in the next steps section to initiate the transfer.
  2. Enter Replacement Workstation Details:

      1. On the transfer coverage page, provide details for the replacement workstation:
        1. Serial Number
        2. Name
        3. Manufacturer
        4. Model
      2. Confirm the details and click the Transfer Coverage button. You’ll receive a confirmation that the warranty coverage has been transferred. Partners outside the US can consider the process complete at this stage. Once this has been completed, you can go ahead and dispose of or repurpose the old asset yourself.
      3. You'll see a Continue to Disposal button if you're based in the US.

Disposal of the Old Workstation (U.S. Based Partners)

  1. Complete Disposal Order:

    1. U.S.-based partners will proceed to the disposal page. Confirm or update the pickup and return address and click Complete disposal.
    2. If the address is not correct, click Use a different address and enter the correct information.
  2. Arrange Disposal Shipment:

    1. Choose to either drop off your package at the nearest USPS location or schedule a pickup with USPS directly through the platform.
    2. Print Shipping Label:

      1. Click the Print shipping label button and attach the label to your package.
    3. Schedule a Package Pickup:

      1. Use the Schedule a pickup option in the order process. Enter your contact details and preferred pickup date, then click Request pickup.

Completion and Confirmation

Once your disposal order is processed, a certificate confirming the disposal and data destruction will be sent to you, finalizing the transition and ensuring compliance with data security standards.


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