Services Marketplace

ScalePad Services Marketplace provides instant access to value-added services inside Lifecycle Manager:

Lifecycle Manager has the capability to generate additional revenue for you from the services included in the ScalePad Services Marketplace.

Save time, reduce risk, and grow your business with services that you procure right in-app.

Offered services

ScalePad Warranty Services

ScalePad Warranty Services, through Lifecycle Manager, streamlines server and networking equipment warranty quoting, purchasing, renewals, and service requests.

  • Cost reduction - Get up to a 75% reduction on typical extended warranties, with a choice of service levels

  • Streamline processes - Buy warranties in-app in seconds and eliminate the lengthy quoting process

  • Easy scheduling - Arrange expert technician assistance in two clicks

ScalePad Workstation Assurance

ScalePad Workstation Assurance provides complete replacement warranty coverage for clients' workstations — including accidental damage — using a straightforward process in Lifecycle Manager.

  • Worry-free - Accidental damage included for client peace-of-mind

  • No fees - No reinstatement fees to get started, even if the warranty has lapsed

  • Full replacement - Advanced exchange service model for a worry-free full replacement

ScalePad IT Asset Disposal

ScalePad IT Asset Disposal simplifies the disposition process of decommissioned client IT workstations for Lifecycle Manager users while ensuring security and sustainability.

  • Data security - Certify your clients’ data is destroyed by obtaining 3rd party verification of data destruction to NIST 800-88 standards without having to physically remove drives

  • Standardized process - A simple, standardized process for disposing of end-of-life workstations, for one device or hundreds. No minimums — no more stockpiling EOL client assets

  • Generate revenue - A low-cost service for your business to generate new revenue that works with your existing replacement process

  • Environmental compliance - ScalePad ITAD helps ensure compliance with regulations pertaining to the proper disposal and recycling of electronic waste.

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