Opening Workstation Assurance service requests

Navigating the process of workstation warranty service requests is straightforward. This article outlines service requests for workstation assets covered by ScalePad's Workstation Assurance, ensuring quick resolution and minimal downtime.

Step-by-Step Guide to Requesting Workstation Assurance Service

To get service for workstation assets covered by Workstation Assurance, follow the steps below to get the service you need:

  1. Access Covered Assets: Navigate to your desired coverage type page
    1. Marketplace > Workstation Assurance
  2. Click the Covered assets menu to view all hardware currently under warranty.
  3. Click the Get Service button for the hardware asset.
  4. Fill Out the Service Request Form: Complete the form with the necessary details. On the Get Service form, let us know the request owner, contact person, and the issue.
    1. Request owner - Use the drop-down menu to select the person submitting this request from your company.
    2. Contact - Select who will be the main point of contact for this service request—your customer, or someone at your company. Fill out their contact details in the form.
    3. Service details - Fill in a brief headline of the problem, followed by more details to describe the service request.
  5. Specify the issue type: Choose whether the problem is a Manufacturer Defect or Accidental Damage. If an accidental damage claim has been made for the asset within the last year, the warranty will only cover manufacturer defects moving forward.
    1. Confirm that the issue is not related to software by ticking the checkbox labeled I confirm this service request is not related to a software issue.
  6. Submit the Request: Once all details are filled in, click the Submit service request button.

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