Organizing Scorecard items into categories

In How to develop scorecards, we discussed how to create new scorecard categories and items. In this article, we'll guide you through the process of organizing your scorecards. By following these steps, you can arrange and rename your scorecard items and categories in a way that best suits your needs.

For this example, we’ve created a new scorecard category called “Warranty Coverage” and will be moving the server and workstation warranty coverage items into this category.

On your client’s scorecard, click the Arrange button on the right side of the scorecard category

After clicking the Arrange button, you'll be able to drag and drop items into the desired category. Once you're satisfied with the organization of your scorecard, click the Apply button to confirm your changes.

After clicking Apply, the scorecard items will have moved to the new category.

Renaming scorecard categories and items

In addition to organizing your scorecard items and categories, you can also rename them. This is helpful if you want to tailor the names of categories or items to your personal preferences or client-specific terminologies.

From our previous example, we’re going to rename the Warranty Coverage scorecard category and the scorecard items.

Renaming scorecard categories

Locate the scorecard category you want to rename and click the Manage category button. After entering your new category name, click on the Done button to confirm the changes.

Renaming scorecard items

To rename a scorecard item, click the Manage item button next to the item you wish to rename. After entering your new item name, click on the Done button to confirm the changes.

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