Ensuring minimum standards and warranty coverage

Engaging with clients whose assets do not meet minimum hardware standards, especially regarding their age and coverage status, requires clear communication about the associated risks and benefits. This article guides how to articulate these risks and benefits effectively and encourages clients to take necessary actions.

Communicating the importance of current hardware and active protection

When presenting clients with the need to update their hardware and maintain active warranties, emphasize the following benefits:

  1. Minimized Downtime: Up-to-date hardware is less likely to fail, reducing the risk of downtime and its associated costs. Your clients are working with you and pay you for uptime, so making recommendations that will improve uptime is what they expect to hear from you.
  2. Enhanced Performance: Newer hardware typically offers better performance, which can lead to increased productivity and efficiency.
  3. Long-term Cost Savings: Investing in new hardware and extended coverage can save money in the long run by avoiding frequent repairs and unexpected replacements.

Using ScalePad hardware reports, you can provide clients with substantiated recommendations for replacing outdated devices and initiating or renewing coverage on unprotected equipment. These reports help in recommending hardware upgrades, proposing extended coverage, or suggesting alternative options that comply with minimum standards. This proactive approach ensures the longevity and effectiveness of their systems while maintaining client satisfaction.

Risk Acknowledgement Form

To encourage clients to take action, the Lifecycle Manager team developed a Risk Acknowledgement Form. This editable Word document serves as a template you can adapt for your operations.

Purpose of the Risk Acknowledgement Form

The main aim of this form is to drive client action by making them fully aware of the risks they are accepting if they don't upgrade their hardware or renew asset coverage. It serves as a protective measure for you, ensuring that clients acknowledge and accept these risks in writing. This form can prompt clients to either conform to standards by replacing their equipment or purchasing protection or to accept the potential risks of non-action.

How to Use the Risk Acknowledgement Form

  1. Download the Template: Access the editable Word document from our Help Center.
  2. Customize the Document: Adapt the template to align with hardware standards and the services you offer under your master services agreement.
  3. Present to Clients: Use this document during discussions with clients to ensure they understand the importance of maintaining current hardware and active warranties.
  4. Seek Executive Endorsement: Have the form endorsed by an executive or board member from the client organization to elevate the issue and prompt necessary conversations.

Taking Action

Encourage clients to act now by downloading and utilizing the Risk Acknowledgement Form. This step will ensure their hardware and services meet established standards and protect their organization from potential risks. By adapting this process to your specific needs and circumstances, you can effectively drive client action and maintain high standards of IT asset management.

Take action now by downloading our Risk Acknowledgement Form to ensure your hardware and services meet established standards and protect your organization from potential risks.

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