Asset disposal order options

IT Asset Disposal makes it easy to dispose of assets. Whether you’ve identified end-of-life assets through Insights, or have planned to retire a workstation or server via an Initiative or Roadmap, disposing of an asset at the end of its lifecycle is simple with Lifecycle Manager.

IT Asset Disposal is free for all Partners on a current Lifecycle Manager subscription.


The following is required to use the IT Asset Disposal service:

  • You must be a US-based (including Alaska and Hawaii) Pro user in the Lifecycle Manager platform.
  • All applicable assets must have BIOS and/or iCloud unlocked.

  • You must have Administrator user credentials for your Lifecycle Manager account or Place Orders & Manage Billing permissions to place disposal orders.

IT Asset Disposal offers two levels of shipping service, depending on your order size and preference.

Key differences between self-service vs. full-service disposal

Self service disposal

Click here to see the instructions to submit a self service disposal order.

Default Option:

  • Self-service is the default option.

Packing for Disposal:

  • Pack assets for disposal in any box(es) for shipping.
  • Include power cords and AC adapters.
  • Include any peripherals you want to get rid of as well.

Box Requirements:

  • Any boxes will do, as long as they're strong enough for shipping the gear.

Client Pickups:

  • We can arrange pickups from client locations.

Using Self-Service:

  • With self-service, print PDF shipping labels.
  • Attach the labels to the boxes.
  • Select a pickup date and time or drop-off location with USPS in-app.

Full service disposal

Click here to see the instructions to submit a full service disposal order.

Full-Service Option:

  • Optional for disposal orders of 75 or more assets.
  • Provides white-glove service by our local partners for packing and shipping.

Information Needed for Full-Service:

  • Site and access details (e.g., elevator or loading dock availability).
  • List of extra materials required (e.g., moving dollies, boxes, pallets, stretch wrap).
  • Preference for extra assistance in gathering items.
  • Tick the appropriate boxes and provide freeform descriptions if needed.
  • Upload photo(s) of the assets for the order, assisting our vendor in allocating the appropriate manpower and packing materials for pickup.

How to Proceed:

  • Tick the boxes and provide the necessary information.
  • Include any additional details about asset removal.
  • We will coordinate shipping arrangements with you based on your preferences.

A tree will be planted for every asset you put through (up to 10 trees per order) our IT Asset Disposal service, and once the order has been received and the process is complete, you’ll receive a Certificate of Disposal verifying data destruction.

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