Workstation Assurance FAQ

What exactly is Warranty Assurance?

Our Workstation Assurance product is an advanced exchange warranty model with accidental damage coverage included. See Workstation Assurance Overview for additional information.

Why the Advanced Exchange model?

With an on-site repair model for workstations, the timelines to reach that repair varied due to ever-changing timelines to source parts and technicians. These timelines could go into days and weeks, sometimes with multiple site visits required before a successful repair. There was also no telling whether that same part or another related one would fail again after the repair was complete.

Now, with our Workstation Assurance, the challenges our partners reported with on-site repair are a thing of the past. Simply put, clients are now seeing a more efficient and hassle-free warranty service experience.

What happens to assets with existing ScalePad Warranties?

All existing workstation warranties are covered under our new Workstation Assurance. This is an Advanced Exchange warranty model with accidental damage coverage included. Workstation coverage no longer includes the option for an on-site technician to attend the site.

Why add Accidental Damage coverage?

Clients have been transitioning their workstation fleets to laptops, which are more prone to accidental damage, regardless of whether they work in-office, hybrid, or from home. This shift towards increased flexibility has resulted in higher risks.

Are there workstation assurance coverage limitations?

Yes. ScalePad Workstation assurance coverage is only available for devices under 7 years old.

What model types are covered by workstation assurance?

All workstations and Microsoft Surface devices (excluding Apple, or Intel devices) that exist in ScalePad with an age within the limitation (under 7 years old) and warranty status will be eligible for warranty support.

What comes under accidental damage to a laptop?

Accidental drops, spills, bumps, and structural failures incurred under normal operating conditions or handling, including electrical surges and damage to an integrated LCD screen.

How does accidental coverage work?

Each asset is allowed 1 accidental damage claim per year throughout the term of the agreement.

How long will it take to receive replacement hardware?

The estimated time for a replacement to arrive is 5-8 business days. See the Workstation Assurance process and timeline for detailed information.

Does the current warranty transfer to the replacement asset?

Yes. The remaining warranty time on a workstation that was replaced is easily transferred to the new replacement asset. See the Transferring warranty coverage to a replacement workstation article for the process of transferring warranty coverage to its replacement.

For US-based partners, this article also includes instructions for arranging a soon-to-be disposed-of workstation package drop-off or pickup disposal.

Are there any out of pocket expenses when returning a defective workstation?

No. All associated costs are covered.

How do I buy coverage?

See our How to buy warranties for clients article for a step-by-step walkthrough.

Who delivers the service?

The ScalePad Warranty Services Team is responsible for delivering all elements of the replacement service.

We've partnered with vendors all over the world, as well as a third-party IT Asset Disposal provider to securely recycle old workstations.

My customer has out-of-warranty workstations. Will I have to pay reinstatement fees?

With our coverage, the price you see is the price you pay. We don't like extra fees—it's why we don't have them.

Where is your coverage available?

Currently, our workstation assurance coverage is available in the following countries:

  • United States (including Hawaii and Alaska)

  • Canada

  • Australia

  • New Zealand

  • United Kingdom

Assets will stay supported as long as it remains in one of these supported countries. If you'd like to see your country added to this list, get in touch with us.

What does a service request look like, and who do I call for service?

You'll want to contact our ScalePad Warranty Services Team.

To get service, navigate to Warranties Covered hardware assets and click the Get Service button next to the hardware asset you need service for.

See the How to open warranty service requests for workstation assets and How to open warranty service requests for servers and networking assets articles for a walkthrough.

Do you cover hardware assets even after the OEM warranty period?

Yes. We offer warranty coverage far beyond an OEM's suggested end of life. With ScalePad assurance, you can keep workstations covered for longer. So long as they’re eligible for coverage, you can buy coverage for them. ScalePad Workstation assurance coverage is only available for supported workstations under 7 years old.

Navigate to the Warranties dashboard to see which of your hardware assets are eligible for coverage.

How do we get workstation assurance pricing for an asset that's not syncing to ScalePad Lifecycle Manager?

All assets in Lifecycle Manager should be syncing from a connected integration. Once the assets are on our platform, you can utilize our automated warranty procurement and service request process.

If you’ve got a PSA or a documentation tool integration and want to learn a quick workaround about how to quote prospective clients that haven’t been added to your system yet, contact our Support team through our ticketing system at

Can you purchase Workstation Assurance coverage on hardware currently covered with a manufacturer’s warranty?

Yes, you can purchase coverage on eligible assets currently covered with a manufacturer’s warranty. Our assurance coverage is available to purchase up to 2 years in advance, with coverage always starting after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired.

Are batteries covered for workstations?

Batteries have a natural expiry life and thus fall under the category of consumables. These are excluded from coverage.

Are there any exclusions to what's covered, and what's not?

Yes. ScalePad Workstation assurance coverage is only available for supported workstations under 7 years old. For the full scope of what we cover, including exclusions, see our ScalePad Workstation Assurance Terms of Service.

What happens if my covered workstation has a failure that’s not covered?

If the service request is deemed to be outside of the scope of our coverage, ScalePad will inform the partner that the repair isn’t covered and the service request will be closed. In these rare circumstances, the partner would need to get the asset repaired outside of ScalePad.

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