IT Asset Disposal Overview

Navigating IT asset disposal can seem complex, but accessing the service in Lifecycle Manager is straightforward and designed to integrate smoothly into your workflow, enabling you to easily dispose of outdated, retired, or unwanted workstations in a secure and environmentally conscious manner.

IT Asset Disposal is only available to US-based (including Alaska and Hawaii) Pro users in the Lifecycle Manager platform on a current term subscription.

The IT Asset Disposal service offers a scalable, budget-friendly, and standardized approach to disposing of end-of-life workstations.

To begin the disposal process, navigate to the top menu bar within Lifecycle Manager. Click on the Marketplace dropdown menu. Select IT Asset Disposal. Alternatively, the process is just as simple if you’re focusing on a particular client, just click on the IT Asset Disposal menu.

Challenges when replacing unwanted assets

MSPs have a key responsibility to oversee the IT asset lifecycle management process, helping clients recognize aging equipment that may cause or is at elevated risk of causing issues in their IT environment.

Whenever you replace client hardware, the old asset often holds sensitive data, so the disposal (ITAD) process is essential to decreasing potential security threats. Asset disposition is not a primary service offering for most MSPs, and existing processes can be challenging to manage, leading to a less-than-optimal approach to asset disposal.

Adopting a disposal process to ensure all sensitive data is properly handled at the end of an asset’s service life is a key step to diminishing the risks of security threats.

Benefits of IT Asset Disposal

IT Asset Disposal offers Lifecycle Manager users a one-stop shop to securely dispose of any unwanted client IT assets in compliance with NIST 800-88 standards, providing a secure, verifiable, and environmentally friendly disposition service for decommissioned assets.

Protect your clients with certified data destruction of unwanted IT assets

We accept (nearly) any unwanted IT asset, including servers, laptops, desktops, old modems, peripherals, and monitors. Our process ensures data security through secure destruction, reuse of useful components, and responsible recycling. With IT Asset Disposal, client data is securely erased to NIST 800-88 standards without the need to remove drives, providing you with peace of mind at no extra cost.

The Certificate of Disposal logs show that the destruction of data was completed securely by a reliable and trusted partner. These certificates provide an audit trail of destruction for your records and any third-party validation.

Assets are disposed of after arriving at the disposal facility. The timeline for receiving an IT Asset Disposal certificate depends on shipping time, order size, and the volume we're processing at the facility at any given time. 

How IT Asset Disposal can generate revenue

With IT Asset Disposal, you can respond to the changing needs of clients, ensure the safe and secure disposition of outdated IT assets, reduce capital expenses, and even generate revenue.

IT Asset Disposal is a free service with current Lifecycle Manager Pro subscriptions and can be a new revenue-generation tool for your business. Include a line item for “decommissioning and disposition” of end-of-life client assets with IT Asset Disposal as part of the workstation replacement process. By including such a line item in Initiatives, you provide a reliable service in the IT lifecycle process and create a secure and profitable revenue stream.

No capital investment is required (such as drive benders, drive shredders, degaussers, drill presses, or punches). The IT Asset Disposal service ensures comprehensive, secure data destruction on storage media is erased to NIST 800-88 standards.

A standardized process, for one device or hundreds

IT Asset Disposal has a service to fulfill your needs, whether it is the disposal of a single device or an entire fleet. When you are running a business, managing and disposing of end-of-life (EOL) client assets can be a challenge. With a few simple steps, you can quickly and easily get rid of EOL client assets.

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