Create a custom fields in ConnectWise Automate for two-way sync

This article outlines how to create both a Purchase Date and a Warranty Expiration Date custom fields in ConnectWise Automate to support Two-Way Sync from within Lifecycle Manager.

Create a custom Purchase Date field in ConnectWise Automate

In the ConnectWise Automate REST integration, a custom Purchase Date field enables Two-Way Synchronization of purchase dates.

A custom field for Warranty Expiration Date is not required as the native warranty end date field in ConnectWise Automate is used for the REST API integration Two-Way sync.

  1. Open the ConnectWise Automate Control Center application and sign in using your ConnectWise Automate server address and credentials.

  2. Within the ConnectWise menu, navigate to the System menu in the bottom-left corner.

  3. In the System menu, click Configuration Dashboard.

  4. On the System Dashboard screen, click the Config tab, and then click the Configurations subtab.

  5. Click the Additional Fields tab.

  6. Please make sure the Computers Data Screen has focus by clicking the Computers tab.

  7. You must create a custom Purchase Date field in your CW Automate account:
    All purchase dates will be written in ISO8601 format, and any manually added dates should also be in ISO8601 format (yyyy-MM-dd).

    1. In the Field Name entry box, enter Purchase Date.

    2. Set the Field Type as Text.

  8. Click the Add button.

  9. The Purchase Date field is added under the Computers tab. If you don’t see the new field, click the Refresh List button.

Create a custom Warranty Expiration Date field in ConnectWise Automate

Enabling the option to sync warranty expiration dates to a custom field allows Two-Way Sync of warranty expiration dates to an Extra Data Field in ConnectWise Automate REST called Warranty Expiration Date instead of the WarrantyEndDate column in the computers table.

You can enable this option by following these steps:

  1. Create an Extra Data Field in ConnectWise Automate REST called Warranty Expiration Date. Other than the field name, the steps for this are the same as creating a custom Purchase Date field.

  2. Check the following boxes in your ConnectWise Automate REST sync settings:

    1. Warranty Expiration Date under Enable Two-Way Sync Fields.

    2. Warranty Expiration Date to Extra Data Field under Two-Way Sync Warranty Date to Custom Field.

  3. Click Save ConnectWise Automate REST Setup.


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