How to adjust your N-able Passportal sync settings

Use this article to adjust any sync settings for your N-able Passportal integration in Lifecycle Manager. Navigate to Integrations, and select N-able Passportal.

Select asset statuses to sync

Depending on the statuses in your N-able Passportal instance, select the ones that you want to sync into Lifecycle Manager. Likewise, clear the types which you would prefer not to sync.

Select Asset Types to Sync

N-able Passportal Asset Types map to hardware types in Lifecycle Manager. For each type of asset you want to sync intoLifecycle Manager, you'll need to map the Asset Type to a Lifecycle Manager Hardware Type.

For example, Laptop, Workstation, and WINDOWS_DESKTOP map to Workstation. Likewise, if you'd prefer not to sync a certain Asset Type, set its mapping to blank.

Sync assets without serial numbers

While we're unable to perform warranty look-ups on hardware assets without serial numbers, there is value in adding these assets to your Lifecycle Manager account.

  1. Select the Include Devices Without Serial Numbers box

  2. Click Save N-able Passportal Setup