Viewing and editing Scorecards

Maintaining successful client relationships requires periodic review of Scorecards so that clients may be held accountable if they fail to act upon previous recommendations.

How to ensure correct Scorecard edits

The process for editing a Scorecard doesn’t change between a new Scorecard or a past Scorecard. What’s important is that you develop the habit of loading the desired Scorecard in order to make edits to the one you intended to.

When you add a few Scorecard items to a Scorecard and then discover you're on an older Scorecard, it can be frustrating to have to move your work into the current Scorecard.

How to open a new Scorecard

Using the New Scorecard button in the Scorecard editor toolbar enables you to create a new scorecard.

How to open past Scorecards

When you want to edit a Scorecard that hasn't been presented to a client yet.

  1. Click Clients in your left-hand navigation bar.

  2. Click into a selected client on the Client console.

  3. The client Scorecard is accessible under the Scorecard tab.

  4. Click the Open dropdown box and select the relevant date-stamped Scorecard.

  5. The loaded scorecard becomes the current view.

Note that Scorecards initially configured with four items based on key insights are not automatically updated from when the previous Scorecard was created.

When you add a few Scorecard items and discover you're on an older Scorecard, it can be frustrating to move your work into the current Scorecard.

If any edits are made to a past scorecard that has already been presented to a client, then that Scorecard is out of sync with the previously presented Scorecard.

How to update automatically generated scorecard items

If you are preparing a Scorecard a month ahead of a meeting, it’s possible the auto-generated Scorecard items can be out of date by the time you want to meet with your client. It is now possible to update the automated Scorecard items whenever necessary.

Any customized text you provided in the Current situation or the Recommended action is replaced when you update a Scorecard item. We recommend copying and storing your customized descriptions prior to upgrading to prevent data loss. See Elements of a Scorecard item for additional information.

To update a scorecard's score and description with updated information from the relevant Insight, follow the outlined steps:

  1. On each relevant Scorecard item, click the Get Info from Insights icon.

  2. On the confirmation prompt, click Update now.

  3. Any out-of-date Scorecard items are updated, along with the estimated replacement value, to match the latest Insight information. In the following image, you can see the following:

    1. Seven fewer workstations are considered to have reached the end of their useful life bringing the total to 129.

    2. Eleven workstations have been removed from the Workstation Warranty Coverage Scorecard item lowering the total to 89.

It is not possible to revert the updates made to the automatically generated Scorecard items.

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