Sustainability of the Marketplace

ScalePad is proud to be a global key solutions provider for over 11,000 Managed Service Providers (MSPs). Our partners manage the IT infrastructure of 500,000 small and medium-sized businesses, guiding the IT experience of 5 million personnel and supporting 20 million unique assets worldwide.

Lifecycle Manager empowers you to manage the entire lifecycle of your client’s assets, from procurement to disposal. With the IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) service, you can securely and responsibly dispose of end-of-life assets, mitigating the environmental impact of e-waste.

Offsetting E-Waste with ScalePad and Veritree

We've partnered with Veritree, a blockchain-verified tree planting platform, to make a positive and certifiable environmental impact to offset the harmful effects of e-waste.

Whenever an asset’s warranty coverage is extended or is disposed of using the IT Asset Disposal Service, ScalePad will plant a tree in an area in need, such as regions affected by wildfires in North America, beginning with the USA, up to a maximum of 10 trees per order.

Tracking Your Environmental Impact

Every time you purchase Infrastructure Protection, Workstation Assurance, or dispose of a workstation through ITAD, your environmental contributions are recorded. The Environment page on our website tracks the cumulative number of trees pledged, allowing you to see the long-term impact.

Each time you purchase a warranty or dispose of a workstation, your environmental impact is stored in the app. The Environment page on our website tracks the cumulative amount of trees pledged for the long term.

e-waste offset.png

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