Tracking Scorecard Versions & History

Maintaining successful client relationships involves keeping track of multiple Scorecards over time. In Lifecycle Manager, having access to Scorecard versions and history allows you to refer to previous assessments, ensuring clients are accountable for acting on past recommendations. This article shows you how to use Scorecard versions to guide your clients' future approaches to IT recommendations.

Creating and maintaining a history of Scorecards is crucial for ongoing client assessments. By referring to past Scorecards, you can remind clients of previous recommendations and ensure they follow through with necessary actions. Past perspectives help structure future strategies based on past discussions and decisions.

Creating new Scorecards

Creating a new Scorecard is straightforward with the New Scorecard button in the Scorecard editor toolbar. Here’s how:

  1. Click the New Scorecard button:
    1. In the Scorecard editor toolbar, locate and click the New Scorecard button.
  2. Automatic Configuration:
    1. A new scorecard is automatically created and becomes the current view.
    2. Scorecards are initially configured with four items based on key insights (if applicable). These insights are updated from the previous Scorecard, eliminating the need to manually find and update relevant data.

Viewing current and past Scorecards

To view and manage Scorecards effectively, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Scorecard Menu:
    1. Navigate to the Scorecard menu within the client's dashboard.
  2. Open a Past Scorecard:
    1. Click the Open dropdown box and select the relevant date-stamped Scorecard.
  3. Load the Scorecard:
    1. The selected Scorecard becomes the current view, allowing you to review and reference past assessments.

Scorecards initially configured with four items based on key insights are automatically updated based on when the previous Scorecard was created. Note that if any edits are made to a past scorecard, then the Scorecard is out of sync with the Scorecard that was presented to the client.

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