Organizing Initiatives and budgets on the Roadmap

Roadmaps help make realistic budgeting and action plans on areas of concern and outline short-term and long-term solutions. Along with the alignment of business goals, objectives, and current IT challenges, Roadmaps support the following:

  • Identification of planned initiatives

  • IT budget alignment

  • Easy rescheduling of quarters

  • Re-allocation of individual assets between quarters

Display of Roadmap dates

Fiscal year alignment

You can align the Roadmap to your client's fiscal year settings by setting the matching start date of your client's fiscal year. The Roadmap is aligned with the client's fiscal year as a result of this selection.

All Initiatives created from a Roadmap default to the current quarter as defined by the fiscal year setting.

Date display adjustment

The calendar toggle enables you to move forward or backward one quarter on the Roadmap display.

Clicking This quarter returns the Roadmap display to the current quarter as defined by the fiscal year setting.

Roadmap annual budgeting

Quarterly budget summaries

If you're working with defined parameters for quarterly or even annual budgets, the Roadmap automatically calculates budget line items from scheduled Initiatives only.

  • Each quarter's budget total line items are summarized at the top of the quarter column.

Annual budget summary

  • The annual budget total summary is summarized at the top of the Q1 column.

Using the previous image as an example provides clarity if you have been given a budget amount for 2023, it is easy to see the extent of a budget's estimation or allocation at a glance.

Rescheduling of quarters

For a variety of reasons, once you have a plan in place, it will most likely change. For that reason, the Roadmap is flexible to allow for easy rescheduling between quarters.

Moving assets between quarters

Individual quarters can be rescheduled on the Roadmap in two ways:

  • Moving the quarter when in quick view mode.

  • Drag and drop quarters from the Roadmap display

Merging quarters - The Roadmap allows for merging quarters between the currently displayed quarters only. You can move quarters beyond the displayed Roadmap quarters using the Move this quarter button in quick view mode.

Moving individual assets between quarters

When assets are distributed across multiple quarters, there is always a chance that individual assets that need actioning, don't align with a current schedule. Reasons could include budget limitations, supply chain issues, asset availability, etc.

Instead of letting those assets sit with no action in an existing quarter, those individual assets can be moved between quarters. Here is how to do that:

  1. Open the quarterly quick view mode of the assets that require re-allocation to a different quarter.

  2. Select the assets to be reallocated.

  3. Click Move or distribute.

  4. Select the desired quarter for these assets to be moved to. In this example, two assets are to be moved from Q4 2023 to Q1 2023.

  5. Click Move.
    The Initiative distributed quarters are adjusted accordingly and the Roadmap displays the new reallocated asset count per quarter. Assets assigned to Q4 2023 are reduced to 3 while assets in Q1 2023 increased from 6 assets to 8.

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