Creating new Scorecards

Using Lifecycle Manager, you can quickly and easily create new Scorecards without worrying about losing track of your client's history or duplicating the original automated Scorecard items.

Scorecards are an essential tool for anyone meeting with clients to ensure their goals are consistently met. vCIOs and Account Managers are able to refer to past Scorecards with clients to guide their future approach. As a result, it will be easy to refer back to previous meetings and topics you discussed with the client.

How to Create a new Scorecard

You should conduct scorecard assessments for your clients on a regular basis. The content of a client's Scorecard changes over time as their environment and circumstances change.

Clicking the New Scorecard button is not required when creating your first Scorecard.

There's a New Scorecard button in the Scorecard editor toolbar that enables the creation of a new scorecard.

  1. Click Clients in your left-hand navigation bar.

  2. Click into a selected client on the Client console.

  3. The client Scorecard is accessible under the Scorecard tab.

  4. Click the New Scorecard button.

  5. A new scorecard is automatically created and becomes the current view.
    A new Scorecard is date-stamped by the current month and year.

Date stamps are modified by changing the Month and Year of the open Scorecard. Changes are automatically saved.

Scorecards initially configured with four items based on key insights (if applicable) are automatically updated from the previous Scorecard, so there is no need to find and update the relevant data manually.

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