Creating new Scorecards

Creating new Scorecards in Lifecycle Manager is a streamlined process ensuring you maintain a comprehensive history of client interactions and progress. Whether you’re a vCIO, Account Manager, or any professional meeting with clients, Scorecards are invaluable tools to ensure goals are consistently met. They provide a clear record of past discussions and guide future strategies, making it easy to refer back to previous meetings and topics.

Regularly conducting scorecard assessments is crucial for keeping track of your client's evolving environment and circumstances. As the client's situation changes, so should the content of their Scorecard. This ongoing assessment helps address their needs proactively and ensures you are always aligned with their goals.

How to Create a new Scorecard

Creating a new Scorecard is a simple and efficient process. Follow these steps to generate a new Scorecard and keep your client’s information up-to-date:

  1. Accessing the Client Console:
    1. Navigate to the Clients section from the Top Menu bar.
    2. Click on the selected client to open their Client dashboard.
  2. Navigating to the Scorecard menu:
    1. Click on the Scorecard menu to access the client's Scorecard.
  3. Creating a New Scorecard:
    1. In the Scorecard editor toolbar, click the New Scorecard button. This action automatically creates a new Scorecard.
    2. The new Scorecard becomes the current view and is date-stamped with the current month and year.
    3. If needed, you can modify the date stamp by changing the Month and Year of the open Scorecard. These changes are automatically saved.

Clicking the New Scorecard button is not required when creating your first Scorecard.

Initial Configuration:

When you create a new Scorecard, it is initially configured with four items based on key insights, if applicable. These items are automatically updated from the previous Scorecard, eliminating the need to manually find and update relevant data.

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