Getting started with Roadmaps

With Lifecycle Manager Roadmaps, you can begin to plan out previously discussed Scorecard items to provide an overview and schedule of what is to be actioned in the future.

You can create, publish, and deliver plans directly from Initiatives or use Roadmaps as a foundation to create and manage Initiatives.

Who are Roadmaps intended for?

Roadmaps are an essential tool to ensure client goals and standards are being met and help you continually deliver services based on business needs and technology lifecycles.

The following roles would benefit from Scorecards.

  • vCIO (Virtual Chief Information Officer): In addition to asset replacement cycles and warranty renewals, vCIOs are often responsible for quarterly business reviews. Roadmaps provide the basis for annual budgeting and any changes in IT infrastructure.

  • Account Manager: Account managers are looking for a repeatable process to use with clients to save them time and to increase engagement from the client.

  • Technician: A technician is always looking for tools that make their job more efficient. From a visibility standpoint, the Roadmap can assist in scheduling and planning.

When and how to use Roadmaps

After discussions on areas of concern and determining what solutions are essential in the short-term and long-term with clients, the Roadmap can help make realistic budgeting and action plans.

Business requirements discovery

Along with the alignment of business goals, objectives, and current IT challenges, Roadmaps should be used to support the following:

  • Identification of planned initiatives

  • IT support for existing business processes

  • strategies to address existing deficiencies

  • Identification of new IT capabilities to be supported

  • IT budget alignment

Default Roadmap view

In the case of a client without Initiatives, scheduled Roadmaps are initially blank. As you open the Roadmap for the first time, suggested Initiatives (if applicable) are displayed based on key insights that can easily be included in your Roadmap.

Suggested Initiative

Mapped Insight

Workstation Replacement

Slow workstations
Workstations over 5 years old

Server Replacement

Old servers
Servers over 7 years old

Beginning with any recently discussed or approved Scorecard items, you can start to build out Initiatives directly from the Roadmap.

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