Personalized software insights

Along with hardware assets, the other half of the asset lifecycle management battle is software. There are standards for software that must be installed, such as RMMs or specific endpoint protection or managing out-of-date, or unsupported software.

If you were able to create an insight to identify these assets and do so quickly, you could easily keep an eye on how many assets are not meeting a set standard. Custom operators enable partners to search for these assets where they are already installed.

Identify installed software

You can now gain insight into the software that is installed on a client device with Insights, and it will completely transform the way you manage software assets. All the information you need about installed software can be found in one pane instead of having to search for it.

For example, the following personalized insight is looking for workstations with Windows 8.1.

You create Insights to identify machines running old or risky software and take action on it, immediately. For example, the Flash Player should not be installed on any devices, but if it does, we’ll tell you about it.

Identify non-installed software

Personalized Software Insights also enable you to identify software that is not installed on client assets where it should be, ie. a specific antivirus or endpoint protection software.

For example, the following personalized insight is looking for servers that do not have Huntress Agent installed.

Once Personalized Software Insights are set, they will appear under the Your Insights section in the Strategy Dashboard.

Additionally, you might want to ensure that a piece of software is not installed on some machines, such as one that poses a security risk or requires expensive licensing.

If you have connected your RMM tool and would like us to add support for a key software provider, please navigate to Product Ideas and let us know the software provider or tool you would like to see supported. The Navigating the Iceberg: Understanding the Product Ideas Process article outlines the product idea submission process.

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