Understanding Initiative default templates

ScalePad Lifecycle Manager offers multiple options that can be applied when creating initiatives based on existing infrastructure challenges. From modernizing assets (replacing hardware or moving to the cloud) to software modernization (unsupported software or the lack of comprehensive endpoint security) to procuring warranty coverage (or identifying the lack of coverage), initiative templates make it possible to implement quick responses to asset management challenges.

To maximize the time you spend taking action to improve your clients' IT environments, templates automatically add best-practices content to your Initiative details.

Translating the benefits of investing in IT into simple language that your clients can understand can be challenging. The templates are designed to assist with communicating 'the why' behind your recommendations.

Initiative template categories

Currently, there are 9 available default templates that fall under 3 general categories:

  • Hardware modernization

    • Cloud Migration

    • Server Replacement

    • Workstation Replacement

  • Software modernization

    • Install Endpoint Protection

    • Upgrade to Microsoft 365

    • Upgrade Servers to Supported OS

    • Upgrade Workstations to Supported OS

  • Asset protection

    • Server Warranty Coverage

    • Workstation Warranty Coverage

Template descriptions

In Lifecycle Manager, several Initiatives sections are auto-populated when possible to automate the workflow. You can further build upon these templates, but there are important differences in providing specific information. The descriptions for each template are outlined in the following table:

Template name

Template description

Cloud Migration

Recommends moving on-premises infrastructure and services to the cloud

Install endpoint protection

Identifies assets running without adequate endpoint protection

Upgrade to Microsoft 365

Recommends upgrading assets to Microsoft 365

Server Replacement
Workstation Replacement

Identifies assets that have reached the end of their useful life and recommends replacing assets with current, high-performance models

Upgrade Servers to Supported OS
Upgrade Workstations to Supported OS

Identifies assets with end-of-life (EOL) operating system and recommends upgrading to a supported OS

Server Warranty Coverage
Workstation Warranty Coverage

Identifies servers/workstations that are no longer covered by their original manufacturer’s warranty and/or expire soon and recommends adding warranty service contracts

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