Understanding Initiative default templates

Purpose of Templates:

Initiative templates are designed to simplify the creation of Initiatives by pre-populating them with best-practice content. This feature ensures that you can quickly respond to various asset management needs without starting from scratch.

Communicating the Value:

One of the challenges in IT management is articulating the value of investments in technology in a way that clients can easily understand. Initiative templates help bridge this gap by providing clear, concise, and relevant descriptions of proposed actions.

This article details these templates and how to communicate effectively with clients and implement solutions that improve their IT environments.

Categories and Descriptions of Default Templates

Template Categories:

Lifecycle Manager's Initiative templates are organized into three primary categories, each addressing different aspects of IT infrastructure:

Hardware Modernization:

  • Focuses on updating physical assets to enhance performance and reliability.
  • Templates include:
    • Cloud Migration: Recommends transitioning on-premises infrastructure to cloud-based solutions.
    • Server Replacement: Targets outdated servers for replacement with newer, more efficient models.
    • Workstation Replacement: Suggests replacing old workstations to improve user efficiency and security.

Software Modernization:

  • Aims to update or replace outdated software applications and operating systems.
  • Templates include:
    • Install Endpoint Protection: Advocates for the installation of robust endpoint security solutions.
    • Upgrade to Microsoft 365: Encourages upgrading office software to enhance collaboration and productivity.
    • Upgrade Servers to Supported OS: Proposes updates to server operating systems to ensure support and security.
    • Upgrade Workstations to Supported OS: Focuses on keeping workstation operating systems up-to-date.

Asset Protection:

  • Concentrates on extending or renewing warranty coverage to protect investments.
  • Templates include:
    • Server Warranty Coverage: Advises on extending or adding warranty services to servers.
    • Workstation Warranty Coverage: Similar to server coverage, but focused on individual workstations.

Utilizing Initiative Templates Effectively

  1. Selecting the Appropriate Template:
    1. When initiating a new Initiative or responding to a client request, choose a template that closely aligns with the client's current needs based on the categories provided.
  2. Customizing the Initiative:
    1. While templates provide a solid foundation, they are designed to be customized. Add specific details relevant to your client's situation to personalize the Initiative.
  3. Communicating Benefits:
    1. Use the descriptions and language provided in the templates to explain the benefits of each proposed action. This helps in securing client buy-in by making the outcomes tangible and understandable.

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