Sharing Scorecards

Keeping aligned with your client's needs is essential for maintaining strong relationships and optimizing their IT infrastructure. Sharing Scorecards connects clients with critical data about their IT environment. This article outlines two methods of sharing Scorecards with clients.

How to share a Scorecard:

To share a Scorecard, follow these steps:

  1. Accessing the Sharing Options:
    1. Within a client's Scorecard, click the Share with client button to display sharing options.
  2. Choosing the Sharing Option:
    1. Start Presenting: Select this option to present the Scorecard in a shared environment, such as during a video conference call.
    2. Download PDF: Select this option to download a white-labeled PDF of the Scorecard, which you can then send to your client via email.

Sharing Methods:

  1. Presentation Mode:
    1. When you select Start Presenting, the Scorecard is displayed in a dynamic window suitable for discussion during a video conference.
    2. The presentation includes all selected Scorecard items, such as category, priority, DMI score chart (if included), and estimated costs.
    3. The estimated investment cost is hidden if the "Unknown" option is selected under the Investment area of a Scorecard item. This feature is useful for further reviewing costs and budgets before presenting an early cost assessment to the client.
  2. White-labeled PDF:
    1. When you select Download PDF, a PDF of the Scorecard is saved to your local machine.
    2. This PDF can be emailed to your client, providing a professional, branded document for their reference.
    3. The PDF includes all Scorecard items selected, ensuring comprehensive information delivery.

Naming conventions for PDFs:

Maintaining organized records is crucial. Each Scorecard PDF is named using the following convention: Scorecard_YYYY-MM-DD. For clarity and record-keeping, we recommend modifying filenames to include the client’s name, such as Scorecard_client_YYYY-MM-DD.

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