Sharing Scorecards and Roadmaps

To keep aligned with clients' needs, you can share Scorecards with clients, and connect them with important data on their IT infrastructure.

This article describes the two methods of how you can share Scorecards and Roadmaps through the Share with client button to message other members with the same asset page details.

How to share a Scorecard or Roadmap:

  1. Within a clients Scorecard or Roadmap, click the Share with client button to display the options

  2. Choose the sharing option

    1. Start presenting - Selecting this option enables to you present the Scorecard/Roadmap in a shared environment (e.g., in a video conference call)

    2. Download PDF - Download a white-labeled pdf of the Scorecard/Roadmap to send to your client.

The presentation and/or PDF includes all Scorecard items selected when building out a Scorecard, including category, priority, DMI score chart (if selected), and estimated costs.

Presentation mode for Roadmaps includes the majority of functionality when developing Roadmaps including previewing full Initiatives, previewing individual quarters, setting the initiative's priority, and setting the approval status of the Initiative.

When the Unknown option is selected under the Investment area of the Scorecard item, the estimated investment cost is hidden from view when in presentation mode. This may be needed to further review costs and budget to satisfy the client's needs before presenting an early cost assessment.

Presentation mode

When the Start presenting option is selected, the Scorecard is presented in a dynamic window where it can be viewed/discussed via a video conference tool.

White-labeled PDF

When the Download PDF option is selected, a pdf of the Scorecard is downloaded to your local machine where you can email the Scorecard to your client.

Naming conventions

Each concurrent Scorecard will either build upon the previous Scorecard and subsequent meeting or will substantially change for the next upcoming meeting.

We recommend keeping PDFs to maintain record-keeping.

Downloaded Scorecard PDF’s are named with the following convention: Scorecard_YYYY-MM-DD. We recommend modifying and storing Scorecard filenames to something like Scorecard_client_YYYY-MM-DD.