How to delete/remove your integrations

This article describes how to delete existing integrations and associated data.


The following member permissions are required to remove an integration from Lifecycle Manager.

  • You must have Administrator user credentials for your Lifecycle Manager account


  • You must have Manage Sync Settings member permissions for your Lifecycle Manager account

Removing your last integration - In order to prevent a total loss of data, with Lifecycle Manager, you cannot remove an integration on your account if it's the only one you have. If you're switching integration tools, we recommend adding the other one first and then removing your old one.

It is possible that your asset count will increase during this process since Lifecycle Manager mirrors what you are syncing in from your integrations. As there is a 14-day grace period before a price bump to the next tier, there will not be any immediate increase in cost when exceeding your subscription asset tier.

As long as the exact same assets are syncing from both integrations, you won't ever be charged twice for the same asset.

How to delete an integration

  1. Navigate to the integration sync settings page of the integration to be removed.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the integration sync settings page

    1. You will not see the Delete This Integration button if you only have one integration connected.

  3. Click the Delete This Integration button

  4. Confirm the deletion prompt.

All data associated with the deleted integration is removed from the Lifecycle Manager platform almost immediately.

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