How to ensure all assets are syncing from RMM tools

If you’re noticing some of your hardware assets or clients aren’t syncing into Lifecycle Manager—and you believe they should be—you may need to adjust your sync settings. This article describes the required steps to ensure that all hardware assets and clients from your RMM tool are syncing into Lifecycle Manager.

Search by serial number

Our recommendation is to first search for the serial number of the device you are looking for in the Hardware console before adjusting your sync settings. In some cases, assets may appear as duplicate entries to another asset whose serial number is the same. If the serial number isn't found when searching, we recommend visiting your integration sync settings and following the listed steps.

Adjust sync settings to capture all assets from an RMM tool

  1. Sign in to Lifecycle Manager.

  2. Navigate to Integrations and click on your connected RMM integration.

  3. In your Lifecycle Manager sync settings, set your Only Sync Assets Checked-In to All assets (no check-in limit). This includes which will include all assets from your RMM, regardless of when they last checked in.
    If you would like to keep a check-in limit, you can set it to equal to or greater than when your assets last checked into your RMM tool.

  4. Select the Include hardware assets without serial numbers checkbox.

  5. Click the Save button at the bottom of the page to save your changes and initiate a full sync of your RMM’s data to Lifecycle Manager.

The following example image of ConnectWise Automate integration is an example of what you might see when you adjust your sync settings for check-in dates.

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