Understanding duplicate assets in Lifecycle Manager

Lifecycle Manager labels a hardware record as a “duplicate asset” as a result of multiple records of hardware with the same serial number (e.g., ABC1234) or MAC address syncing from the same integration (e.g., Datto RMM).

Lifecycle Manager uses the most recent record to ensure we are using the latest data in the case of these duplicate assets.

Matching duplicate assets from your integrations are grouped together based on serial numbers and MAC addresses, which helps ensure your asset count is accurate.

This means your account's data becomes more accurate, reports become more precise as they include enhanced information from the data we receive from all of your connected integrations.

Lifecycle Manager is designed to detect duplicate asset entries syncing in from your connected integrations and notifying you when they appear.

Duplicate assets notification

  1. From your Dashboard, click the “open issues with your account” link

  2. Scroll down to the Duplicate Assets section of your issues page

  3. Click the Download Duplicate Hardware Assets Spreadsheet button in the Duplicate assets section.

Locate duplicate assets from your Hardware console

  1. Navigate to your Hardware console

  2. Look for the Applicable issues tab under the search bar

  3. Select Duplicate hardware assets

  4. Click on any asset to view the details

For instructions on how to remove any duplicate assets, see the How to eliminate duplicate assets article.

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