What is Backup Radar?

Backup Radar is a world-class, end-to-end automation software for backup monitoring, reporting, and compliance. It was made for MSPs by MSPs to solve the most common pain points of backup monitoring.

Backup Radar is an agentless backup monitoring tool that provides complete visibility of all failed and compromised client device backups.

Backup Radar integrates with your backup apps and cloud services to give you instant and total visibility over your entire backup environment. It monitors results and non-results to ensure that nothing gets missed or overlooked.

You may be asking why does this matter?

We’ve integrated Backup Radar Insights directly into the ScalePad Lifecycle Manager dashboard. *A Backup Radar subscription is required. In addition to Lifecycle Manager's critical asset lifecycle data, these backup insights provide a complete overview of workstations and servers without configured backups in one place.

Who is Backup Radar?

Backup Radar was founded in 2015 by experienced MSP owner Patrick Leonard. The frustration of chasing repetitive tasks, worries about unreported failures in his backups, and unanswered questions about whether or not human error was at play, kept Patrick up at night.

His Louisiana-based MSP tried everything from managing backups through an RMM toolset, to automated emails into their ticketing system and manual spreadsheets – nothing checked all the boxes.

Backup Radar grew from its origin as a single MSP’s internal solution to become the leader in backup monitoring, reporting, and compliance, proudly monitoring 375,000+ backups daily and protecting 23,000+ businesses around the world. Our offices are in Vancouver, Canada, and Louisiana, US, and we serve MSPs and IT departments around the world.

Why integrate with Backup Radar?

You don’t know what you don’t know. Backup Radar can only provide information on the state of backups that are already configured, with no information about their backup coverage (or lack thereof). Leveraging Lifecycle Manager’s breadth of data shows Backup Radar Partners which assets are lacking backup policies and may need to have backup policies configured.

What does the Backup Radar integration provide?

Integrate Backup Radar into Lifecycle Manager to identify servers & workstations that exist in Lifecycle Manager but are NOT configured to be backed up in Backup Radar.

What is the expected outcome?

With the Backup Radar integration, you identify servers & workstations in Lifecycle Manager that are not set for backup. The Backup monitoring insights ensure that all assets are backed up regularly (according to service agreements and policies, etc.)

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