Backup Radar integration instructions

This article provides instructions on how to integrate Backup Radar to ScalePad Lifecycle Manager.


The following is required to add a Backup Radar integration to Lifecycle Manager

  • You must have Administrator user credentials for your Backup Radar account

  • You must have Administrator user credentials for your Lifecycle Manager account or member permissions of Manage Sync Settings selected

API credential generation - Only Backup Radar administrator users can generate API keys when they are logged into Backup Radar. Backup Radar users without administrative rights cannot generate API keys.

Integration steps in Backup Radar

Activate API

  1. Sign in to Backup Radar as an Administrator

  2. Within the Backup Radar menu, navigate to Configuration API

  3. Within the API tab, click the Add API Key to generate an API Key.

  4. Once the key is generated, take note of the API key and click the Copy button.

In case you forget your API credentials, simply return to the page and copy the relevant API key. Clicking Delete API Keys revokes access altogether.

Generating multiple API keys - If you generate multiple API keys, it is important to note that all previously generated API keys remain valid, unless specifically removed.

When adding the Backup Radar integration to Lifecycle Manager, you will need to add the API Key to the Backup Radar integration page.

Integration steps in Lifecycle Manager

Add Backup Radar API key into Lifecycle Manager

  1. From Lifecycle Manager, navigate to Integrations and click the Add integration button.

  2. The Add integration page will open. Select Backup Radar.

  3. Enter your API Key into the Backup Radar add integration page

  4. Click Save Backup Radar Setup.

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