How to make Lifecycle Manager work for you

Automated hardware and software asset data collection

Lifecycle Manager makes your life easier by connecting to a growing list of Integrations and automating your hardware and software asset data collection into a centralized platform.

Plus, Lifecycle Manager supports warranty lookups for all the major original equipment manufacturers' (OEM) vendors. See Warranty lookups for information.

Sales forecasting and budgeting

Pinpoint your warranty coverage and hardware replacement opportunities with our automated reports, and set the value of hardware asset types and their end-of-life thresholds.

Automated reporting

Our Hardware Lifecycle Reports are client-specific and can be automatically sent using our Scheduled Reports feature.

Don't forget about your software assets—our Software Summary Report provides a breakdown of all software assets and their support statuses to identify risk and action opportunities.

Increasing replacement

Identify replacement opportunities for the clients you manage to ensure the health of your clients' hardware assets.

Increasing service warranty coverage

If replacement isn't in your wheelhouse at the moment, perhaps it's time to extend warranty coverage on your hardware assets.

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