Creating insights

In this article, we explain how MSP owners and account managers can create personalized insights to track different standards than those offered by predefined insights.

How to create Personalized insights

Insights enable you to address non-compliant assets and forecasting of assets that are non-compliant with an insights rule within 90-days. This function enables you to plan and budget for those assets before they reach compliance with an insights rule. Personalized insights are created independently from the pre-defined Insights.

When viewing the insight details, a Forecast by filter enables you to see a list of assets that will be compliant within a specified time frame that ranges from 30 to 120 days.

Here are the steps to do that:

  1. Navigate to the Strategy dashboard or your client's dashboard

  2. Click the Create an Insight button

  3. From the Create an Insight dialog, add the policies and relevant operators.

  4. Once the Insight information and policies are complete, click Finish.

The Insight spends a few moments gathering the information laid out in the policy before being ready to view.

Personalized Insights and Scorecards

Personalized insights can be used to track different standards that range from the security of systems and data, software implementations, memory standards for assets, monitored backups, and assets capable of OS upgrades.

As the data becomes more granular, it becomes easier to apply these insights to a Scorecard item to get clients aligned on concerns. A simple way to map Insights to Scorecard items is by identifying the following information within Insights:

  • What part of the client's IT infrastructure is affected by this issue? i.e., application-related, hardware-related, network issue, or disaster recovery?

  • What is the relative urgency of the issue?

  • Can you explain in plain, non-technical language the relevance of the issue?

  • Explain how the client will benefit from a recommended solution.

Where are Personalized Insights displayed?

Personalized insights, when created, apply to both Strategy and Client dashboards in a category labeled Your insights. The only difference between them is the number of affected assets depending on the account level or client level of the Insight.

Personalized Insights on the Strategy dashboard

Personalized Insights on the Client dashboard

No client-specific Insights - Any user-created insights apply to all clients throughout the Lifecycle Manager platform. No matter where you create the insight, be it at a Client-specific dashboard or at the Strategy dashboard level, all Personalized Insights display information for all clients.

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