Creating insights

Lifecycle Manager enables you to create personalized insights. This article explains how to craft these insights to monitor and plan for compliance. Personalized insights are a powerful feature in Lifecycle Manager that empowers you to customize monitoring and management criteria according to specific client needs or broader strategic objectives. Unlike predefined insights, personalized insights allow you to set unique standards and forecasts, providing a more targeted approach to asset management.

In this article, we explain how MSP owners and account managers can create personalized insights to track different standards than those offered by predefined insights.

Creating Personalized insights

Follow these steps to create and implement personalized insights:

  1. Accessing the dashboard:
    1. Navigate to either the Strategy (Insights) dashboard or a specific client's dashboard where you wish to create an insight.
  2. Initiating Insight creation:
    1. Click the Create an Insight button on the Strategy (Insights) dashboard. This opens a dialog where you can define the insight.
    2. Click Create New button on the Client dashboard.
  3. Defining the Insight:
    1. In the Create an Insight dialog, add the policies you want to monitor and choose the relevant operators that define the conditions of the insight.
  4. Completing the setup:
    1. Once you’ve set the policies and conditions, click Finish. The system will then take a moment to gather and compile the data according to your specifications.
  5. Viewing and utilizing the Insight:
    1. After creation, the insight is ready for viewing. When viewing the insight details, a Forecast by filter enables you to see a list of assets that will be compliant within a specified time frame ranging from 30 to 120 days.

Application of Personalized Insights

Combined with Scorecards

Personalized insights are particularly effective when used in conjunction with scorecards:

  • Aligning Insights with business concerns:
    • Map each insight to specific scorecard items, which helps align technical issues with business concerns. This alignment is crucial for communicating the value and urgency of IT initiatives to clients.
  • Communicating effectively:
    • Describe the issues identified by the insights in non-technical language to explain the relevance and potential impact on the client's business operations. This helps in securing client buy-in for recommended solutions and strategic changes.

Display and accessibility

  • Dashboard integration:
    • Once created, personalized insights appear under Your Insights on the Strategy (Insights) and Client dashboards. This allows you to access and review these insights universally across all clients or tailor them to individual client scenarios.
  • Asset-level detail:
    • Personalized insights provide granular details about affected assets, whether it's application-related, hardware-specific, network equipment, memory standards, or aspects of disaster recovery. This detail aids in precise decision-making and targeted intervention.

No client-specific Insights - Any user-created insights apply to all clients throughout the Lifecycle Manager platform. No matter where you create the insight, be it at a Client-specific dashboard or at the Strategy dashboard level, all Personalized Insights display information for all clients.

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