Trending insights

Both The Strategy and Client dashboards surface relevant information, such as the number of assets affected, and the policy are displayed prominently in each insight notification pane to reduce the amount of information to filter through. This is important information about all your clients you would otherwise have to search for.

On the Clients console, you can see the general trend for DMI, but you may not be aware of which insights are trending up or down to change your DMI score. The insight level trend will show a 30-day up or downtrend to provide partners with an indication of which insights may have contributed to the significant drop in DMI. Dashboards will surface the trending information so members can view it at a glance.

As the following image illustrates, trending insight information is displayed at the bottom of each Insight tile for quick reference.

  • Trending insight information is located on the bottom left of the Insight tile

30-day DMI trend - The 30-day DMI trend column in the Clients console indicates which clients are on an upward DMI trajectory (improving) and on a downward DMI trajectory (needing attention) among DMI ranges.

Trending insights show the number of assets that have become non-compliant over the last 30 days. For example, using the highlighted examples, you can see the following:

High-risk insights

  • 4 servers have passed the threshold of 7 years old without warranty coverage.

  • 4 servers with warranties that have expired.

Hardware modernization insights

  • 60 workstations have passed the threshold of 5 years old.

Warranty coverage insights

  • 184 workstations with warranties that have expired.

  • 70 workstations under 5 years old with warranties that have expired.

All of those assets are now included as part of the insight as indicated by the red arrow pointing up. Any assets that no longer fit with the Insight policy are indicated with a green arrow pointing down which indicates the number of assets removed from insight. By the sheer number of assets that have become non-compliant over the last 30 days, you get a sense of what insights are affecting the DMI.

Rolling 30-days
The number of assets in trending insights is displayed based on a rolling 30 days. Each day you'll see the result of the last 30 days. If data is less than 30 days old, there will be no data to present for Trending insights. In its place, a blank line is displayed.

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