Asset forecasting capabilities on the dashboard

Being proactive is key to preventing future complications. The capability to forecast potential issues with assets before they arise is a crucial strategic advantage. This article guides you through using forecasting features on the Client and Insights dashboards to better plan and manage your IT assets.

Overview of dashboard forecasting

The dashboards are designed to simplify the management of IT assets by prominently displaying critical information. This includes the number of assets affected by specific conditions, allowing you to quickly grasp the scope of potential issues without digging through extensive data.

Key features of forecasting

  1. Insight Notifications: Each insight notification pane on the dashboards not only shows current compliance statuses but also includes a forecast of assets that will likely become non-compliant within the next 90 days. This predictive feature helps you anticipate problems and plan interventions effectively.
  2. Visualization of Forecast Data: At the bottom right of each Insight tile, a summary displays the total number of current and forecasted assets. This visual cue helps you quickly assess the potential future impact of non-compliance on your infrastructure.
  3. Example Scenario: Consider a situation where you have 126 high-risk servers identified. The dashboard might also show that an additional 4 assets are projected to fall into this category within the next 90 days if no preventive actions are taken.


See Viewing forecasted assets within Insights for additional information on how forecasted assets work.

Utilizing forecasted data

Forecasting not only predicts potential issues but also aids in strategic planning and budgeting:

  • Proactive Planning: By knowing which assets are likely to become non-compliant, you can allocate resources more effectively, schedule maintenance, or plan replacements in advance.
  • Scorecards and Client Communications: Presenting forecasted data on scorecards provides clear and concise information for clients, highlighting potential risks and areas of concern. This transparency helps clients understand the importance of proactive measures and supports informed decision-making.

Limitations and considerations

  • Forecasting Window: The dashboard system typically forecasts compliance changes within a 90-day window. 
  • Non-Forecastable Assets: Certain assets, such as non-cloud-based software like Microsoft Office or assets lacking endpoint protection, cannot be forecasted. For these, the dashboard will indicate a blank line, signaling the absence of forecast data.


Filtering forecasted assets - When viewing forecasted assets within Insights, it is not possible to forecast assets that do not comply with Insights rules within the specified periods of 30 to 120 days. Planning and budgeting for these assets can be done before they comply with an insights rule.

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