How to make full use of the Warranties console

Our Warranties console is designed to provide you with a better overall warranty service experience.

Need assistance?

The Buy tab and Covered assets tab include a Contact us mechanism that enables you to reach out directly to a Warranty Services Executive by email or to schedule a meeting if any assistance is required. Explanations of each tab follow:


This is where you’ll find all the immediate opportunities to buy warranty coverage. You’ll find a list of clients with all available hardware assets ready for renewal, with their estimated price.

Click into each client's opportunities for more information and to buy warranties.

Covered assets

In this tab, you'll be able to see all of your hardware assets currently covered by our warranty coverage, along with any hardware assets with expiring ScalePad Warranty Services coverage.

ScalePad Warranty Services coverage expiring soon

Only assets with expiring ScalePad Warranty Services coverage are displayed within the number of days specified in Due soon for warranty coverage.

Hardware covered by ScalePad Warranty Services

Only hardware assets with existing ScalePad Warranty Services coverage are displayed.

For a particular asset on this page

  • Click the Coverage info link to download the Warranty Coverage Card

  • Click the Renew button to buy warranty coverage

  • Click the Get Service button to open a service request

Service requests

This tab displays all of your open service requests. To request service on an asset, click the Get Service button to open your Service request.

Now that we've covered the Warranties console in detail, you're versed in the basics of ScalePad Lifecycle Manager. We recommend checking out the rest of our Help Center to learn how to customize Lifecycle Manager to suit your needs.

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