How to make full use of the Hardware console

Your Hardware console is where you'll find everything you need to know about each and every hardware asset under your management. Navigate here by clicking Hardware in your left-hand navigation bar.

Within the Hardware console, there is functionality that enables you to explore asset details further and share information with others.

Asset data in Lifecycle Manager can come from multiple sources and the Hardware console displays relevant information, such as asset type, model, asset age and purchase date, and warranty expiry dates on each row to prioritize and address potential risks and issues.

The Hardware console functionality connects with provides access to multiple data points and plays an integral role in many aspects of Lifecycle Manager from Insights, and Initiatives to software information, thus providing you with increased flexibility for your daily tasks.

You can do the following with the Hardware console:

  1. Discover your managed assets

  2. Streamline asset identification for action

  3. Open Insights in the Hardware console

  4. Export the Hardware console as a spreadsheet

  5. Share filtered asset views

Now that we've covered the Hardware console in detail, check out the Software console to learn more about your clients' software assets, ensuring they're in top shape.

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