How to adjust your warranty coverage settings

To set your Warranty coverage settings, navigate to account settings by clicking Settings in your left-hand navigation bar and clicking the Warranty coverage tab.

When adjusting your Warranty coverage cart settings, you set your defaults for Markup, Coverage length, and Service level agreement for each type of hardware asset.


You can also set Client warranty coverage settings if you'd like different defaults for a specific client.

Warranty Cart settings

For each hardware asset type, you can set specific settings for:

  • Markup percentage

  • Coverage length

  • Service-level agreement option

Due soon for warranty coverage

Set the number of days prior to your hardware assets' expiration date, to be recognized as "Due soon" for warranty coverage.

  • 90 days

  • 120 days

  • 180 days

  • 1 year

The Due soon for warranty coverage is reflected in Covered Assets. Only assets with an expiring warranty, provided by ScalePad warranty services, will show up within the number of days specified.

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