Lifecycle Manager account setup

Here are a few things you need to prepare before scheduling an onboarding call.

1. Integrations

Go to Integrations to add all of your integrations by selecting from the list of integration partners. We recommend an integrations specialist or a technical member of your team to connect your integrations.

2. Branding

Go to Settings Account to add your company's website, set your Business type, and add a corporate logo.

3. Hardware settings

Go to Settings Hardware to customize account-level hardware replacement values to align with the asset lifecycle needs of your company.

4. Warranty coverage settings

Go to Settings Warranty coverage to adjust the account-level warranty coverage settings for markup percentage, coverage length, and SLA for each type of hardware asset.

5. Multi-factor authentication

Go to Settings Members to further secure your credentials with the added protection of multi-factor authentication (MFA). We recommend that multi-factor authentication be required for all members.

6. Members

Go to Settings Invite Members to add member emails and to apply basic setting permissions levels.

Let's get your team on board. We recommend that each person at your company have a free account for Lifecycle Manager as it's easier and safer than sharing credentials. There is no cost for additional member accounts.

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