N-able N-sight integration instructions

This article provides instructions on how to integrate N-able N-sight to Lifecycle Manager to pull configuration items from N-able N-sight. API keys should be associated with a user account that is separate from your N-able N-sight administrative account.


The following is required for integrating N-able N-sight with Lifecycle Manager:

  • You must have Administrator user credentials for your N-able N-sight account

  • You must have Administrator user credentials for your Lifecycle Manager account or member permissions of Manage Sync Settings selected

Operating System version reporting - Note that when using N-able N-sight with SAM enabled, N-able N-sight doesn't report on Operating System build versions. This is a known issue in the N-able API as it does not provide the OS version numbers.

To successfully integrate N-able N-sight with Lifecycle Manager, please follow these steps in each section:

Integration steps in N-able N-sight

Integration steps in Lifecycle Manager

Integration steps in N-able N-sight

Generate API Token

You can generate the API Key if you are signed into N-able N-sight using an account with enhanced privileges, Superuser or (non-Classic) Administrator level access, a login with the required General permissions enabled, or the Agent Key (where Dashboard access is enabled).

The API Key is used to authenticate against the Public API. If you generate a new key, anything that uses the existing key to authenticate against the Public API will stop working.

  1. Sign in to N-able N-sight as an Administrator

  2. Within the N-able N-sight menu, navigate to Settings General Settings API

    1. Click the Generate button (or Regenerate if you are creating a new API Key).

    2. If the API Token field is not blank, skip to step 3 as the existing token is likely in use.

  3. Enter your email address in the Email API Token to field and click Email Token. (Optional)

  4. You'll receive an email confirmation from N-able N-sight containing the API Key and the respective server URL to query:

    1. API Server Hostname

    2. API Token

Regenerate API Token

In case you forget your API token, simply return to the page and click Regenerate. Any previously generated API keys will be invalidated.

Integration steps in Lifecycle Manager

Add N-able N-sight API credentials to Lifecycle Manager

  1. From Lifecycle Manager, navigate to Integrations and click the Add integration button.

  2. The Add integration page will open. Select N-able N-sight.

  3. Enter your API Server Hostname and API Token on the add integration page.

  4. Click Save N-able N-sight Setup.

When you click Save N-able N-sight Setup, Lifecycle Manager performs a full sync. When finished, you should be able to view your hardware assets in your account.

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