How do I edit my account profile?

To review and adjust your profile settings, navigate to account settings by clicking Settings in your left-hand navigation bar and clicking the My Profile tab.

Edit your name, and email address or even change your password on this page.

Password complexity checks

In order to increase password complexity in the interest of greater security, a password complexity check is applied when resetting a member's current password to determine how easy a password would be to crack based on whether it follows certain common patterns.

There are no complex password requirements when resetting passwords. i.e., There are no forced upper or lowercase letters, numeric characters, etc.

The New Password entry field displays a password complexity bar that indicates the current strength of the password and provides suggestions for improving it.


You can also enable multi-factor authentication for yourself if you have the necessary permissions. See the How to set up added protection of MFA for members? article for additional information.

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