No software found in your integration

When your integration(s) synced with Lifecycle Manager, no software assets were found. Some possible causes and solutions are listed in this article.

1. Issue with supplied credentials

There may be an issue with the credentials supplied for your integration

  • Please verify you've provided the correct credentials to sync in your hardware and software assets.

2. Required permissions not granted

The supplied credentials don't have the required permissions to sync over software assets

  • Did you know that for Kaseya VSA and N-able N-central, we may require extra permissions?

  • Please verify you've enabled the correct permissions for Lifecycle Manager to sync in software assets for these integrations by viewing their integration instructions linked above.

3. Incorrectly-mapped sync settings

Depending on your integration, your sync settings may not be mapped to sync in the correct assets. This could result in one or both hardware/software assets not syncing into your account.

Find your sync settings from this list of supported SAM integrations:

4. Software feature not enabled in RMM tool

If the above three possible causes have been ruled out, please check to see if the software feature is enabled in your RMM tool.

Depending on which integration(s) you adjust settings for, remember to click the Save button if any changes have been made.