ConnectWise Automate missing serial numbers

Our system is detecting that assets syncing from your ConnectWise Automate integration are missing serial numbers. This is likely due to an issue in CW Automate, where their default Device API Mapping for Computer Serial Number isn't using the correct asset tag as the serial number.

When this happens, it can result in incorrect or even blank serial numbers in ConnectWise Manage, which inhibits the warranty lookup abilities of our app.

Impacted partners - Partners who have had Labtech 10 installed, even if upgraded to a newer version may be affected. ConnectWise has said that upgrading is "not retroactively going to change" this issue.

Workaround steps

  1. Sign in to ConnectWise Automate

  2. In CW Automate, under the ConnectWise Manage plugin, go to the Field Mapping section

  3. Click on the Device API Field Mapping tab

  4. Scroll to the Line with SerialNumber in the first column

    1. If it's incorrectly mapped, it looks like this: SerialNumber → Computer.AssetTag → Computer

  5. Change the incorrect middle LabTech Field mapping from Computer.AssetTag to Computer.Bios.Version

  6. Click the Save button

  7. On the next background sync in ConnectWise Automate (or manual if you prefer), the serial numbers should start populating again to ConnectWise Manage.

  8. Once the CW Automate CW Manage sync is complete, navigate to your ScalePad Lifecycle Manager Dashboard and click Sync now to complete the sync from CW Manage Lifecycle Manager.

The correct mapping looks like the following table:

ConnectWise Field

LabTech Field

LabTech Device Type




Finding the field name Computer.Bios.Version

The correct field name Computer.Bios.Version in ConnectWise Automate is not in alphabetical order when you try to find it. You need to scroll further along the dropdown picker list to find it.

Once you've completed the workaround steps and re-synced the data, the serial numbers should populate into ConnectWise Manage and then into Lifecycle Manager.