How to link and/or rename clients

Our platform detects hardware assets from your integrations, linking their serial numbers to client names. However, these names must be a one-to-one match across all your integrations.


Sometimes there's an inconsistency in the string of text for the client name between integrations (see the following image as an example). This article provides instructions on how to link and/or rename clients to make them consistent.


With in-app Client linking, we've removed the effort of renaming them in your integrations.

How it works

When you have one or more hardware assets detected as belonging to two or more clients, you can consolidate those assets into one client. You can even rename a client.

When that's done, our platform will tally the hardware assets and consolidate them into the parent client name that you've specified. This way, your reports will be much easier to read—and your in-app data will be so much cleaner.

How to link clients

In short, you can navigate to a client's page in ScalePad Lifecycle Manager and visit the Name & Links tab. Then, click the link icon to tell the platform which clients it should link with.


Next to each client's name in the selection menu, you'll see the logo of which of your integrations the client is syncing from. This will help you understand which integration's client name you're working with.

  1. From your Clients page, click on the client you'd like to link with others. In this example, we've selected Garden Mix.

  2. Click the Name & Links tab

  3. In the Add Links section, search for and select one or more clients to link with. In this example, we've selected Garlic Inc.

  4. Once you've selected your clients, click the Link Selected button

  5. Click Apply to confirm the changes

How to rename clients

You can also click the Rename button to rename the selected client entirely.

  1. Click the Rename button.

  2. Type in the new name of the client, or select an existing name from the list. Then click the Use Name button.

  3. Click Apply to confirm the changes.

How to unlink clients

If you decide that you want to unlink the clients, please follow these steps:

  1. From the Name & Links tab, click the red Unlink icon next to a client.

  2. Click Apply to confirm the changes.

Once you've followed the listed steps, your clients should be linked/renamed successfully in our platform.