How to update your account information

This article provides information on how to update your Account information

  1. Navigate to your Account page

  2. Click the Edit Billing Info button

  3. Make any necessary changes on the Edit Billing Info page

    1. Edit your business address and contact information as required

    2. Select the Edit Credit Card box to update your credit card details

  4. Click the Save Billing Info button

Editing your credit card data

When you edit or change credit card information, it will overwrite the current credit card number on your account.

This means the new card number will be used for all further transactions—including your ScalePad Lifecycle Manager subscription.

In Europe, new requirements for authenticating online payments have been introduced as a result of the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2), and the European Banking Authority has mandated that they be fully enforced by 14 March 2022.

Traditional card payments usually involve two steps: authorization and capture. Payments are authorized when a customer's bank or card issuer approves them, and they are captured once the card is charged.

SCA requires an additional and mandatory step before authorization and capture: authentication. In order to authenticate a payment, you may need to respond to a prompt from your bank that provides additional information. Transactions may be declined by customers' banks without authentication.

Once you've followed the listed steps and clicked Save Billing Info, your information should be updated accordingly.