Resolving unexpected gaps between warranty coverage dates

When buying warranty coverage, you may run into an unexpected gap between coverage dates. We'll outline what this means and how to fix it.

What the unexpected gap really means

  1. Your actual warranty coverage expires on a specific date

    1. Example: Warranty coverage expires on August 31.

  2. Your integration (e.g. ConnectWise Manage) tells ScalePad Lifecycle Manager that your coverage expires at a later date

    1. Example: ConnectWise Manage tells Lifecycle Manager that warranty coverage expires on September 1.

  3. In Lifecycle Manager, by default, we use the date after your coverage expires to start your new warranty coverage.

    1. In the case of how Lifecycle Manager handles conflicting dates, see our Dates from your integrations article.

Therefore, Lifecycle Manager is provided with conflicting dates, and it looks like there's a gap in coverage.

How to fix the coverage "gap"

To see which of your integrations are providing the conflicting expiry dates, click into your hardware asset in Lifecycle Manager, and look at the list of integrations providing expiry dates.

  1. Navigate to the affected configuration within your integration (e.g. ConnectWise Manage).

  2. Clear the dates that are being pushed to Lifecycle Manager.

  3. Once this is done, navigate to your Lifecycle Manager Dashboard and click Sync now to bring our app up to speed with the changes.