How to remove conflicting hardware asset data

This article describes how to resolve conflicting hardware asset data from multiple integrations.

When hardware asset data syncs into ScalePad Lifecycle Manager from multiple integrations, this data sometimes conflicts across the different sources, creating inconsistencies. If you're unsure of where a hardware asset's data is coming from, see the Final Summary on its Device View page.

To learn how Lifecycle Manager ranks each integration for accuracy, see the How Lifecycle Manager prioritizes data from your integrations article.

Search for your existing hardware assets by Serial Number - If your hardware assets are syncing correctly, you should be able to search for them on your Hardware page, using their Serial Numbers.

These steps must be performed for each hardware asset

  1. Search for the hardware asset and click into it from the Hardware page.

  2. View the breakdown of data from your integrations in the Final Summary, and note which data Lifecycle Manager is using.

  3. Navigate to your remote systems and remove any inaccurate entries.

  4. Once that's done, navigate to your Lifecycle Manager Dashboard and click Sync now to apply the changes.

Once you've cleaned up any conflicting/inconsistent data from your other integrations, this should be reflected in Lifecycle Manager on the next sync.