How to open warranty service requests for servers and networking assets

This article will assist you in the process of opening any warranty service requests on your ScalePad warranty-covered hardware assets through the Lifecycle Manager platform.

How to request service for servers and networking assets

To get service for hardware assets covered by ScalePad Warranty Services, the process follows 4 basic steps:

  1. Navigate to your Warranties page and click the Covered assets tab

  2. Click the Get Service button for the hardware asset

  3. From the Get service button, fill in the relevant details of the service request.

  4. Once the form details are complete, click the Submit service request button

Provide service request details

On the Get Service form, you'll need to let us know the request owner, contact person, what the problem is, and how soon you'll need service.

  • Request owner - Use the drop-down menu to select the person submitting this request from your company.

  • Contact - Select who will be the main point of contact for this service request—your customer, or someone at your company. Fill out their contact details in the form.

Enter service details

Server and/or Networking asset

When you are submitting a warranty service request for a server and/or networking asset, select the type of service you require from the list.

  • Service details - Fill in a brief headline of the problem, followed by more details to describe the service request.

  • Type of service - Select the type of service you require from the list.

    • On site - 4-hour response

    • On site - Next business day response

    • Parts only - Next business day response

Follow-up phone numbers - After submitting your service request, a pop-up is displayed with service call phone numbers so you can always follow up on your urgent requests.

Once your service request is submitted, you should hear back shortly from the Warranty Services Team.

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