Servers & Networking Warranty coverage FAQ

What exactly is your warranty coverage?

Warranty coverage through ScalePad Warranty Services is the instant, easy, and more affordable way to extend warranty coverage on existing servers and networking assets. Welcome to the future of ALM.

How do I buy coverage?

See our How to buy warranties for clients article for a step-by-step walkthrough.

Who delivers the service and is responsible to meet the Service Level Agreements (SLAs)?

Our own ScalePad Warranty Services Team delivers our warranty service and guarantees their SLAs.

With the 4-hour response Service, our techs will be on-site in 4 hours

Servers / Network equipment ramp-up period
For Servers and networking equipment, we have a ramp-up period of 30 days after the warranty is purchased in the US, Canada, and the UK (45 days elsewhere) where we work to stock our nearby warehouses with equipment to service your hardware assets once your order is placed.

During this time, all requests will be treated on a best-effort basis, which means the service is usually achieved, but not guaranteed.

My customer has out-of-warranty servers. Will I have to pay reinstatement fees?

With our coverage, the price you see is the price you pay. We don't like extra fees—it's why we don't have them.

Where is your coverage available?

Currently, our warranty coverage for servers and networking assets are available in the following countries:

  • United States (including Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico)
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Finland
  • France
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • South Africa
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom

If you'd like to see your country added to this list, get in touch with us.

Do you use third-party or OEM parts?

We only use 100% genuine OEM parts. In fact, our replacement parts are still covered under our service.

What does a service request look like, and who do I call for service?

You'll want to contact our ScalePad Warranty Services Team.

To get service, navigate to Warranties Covered hardware assets and click the Get Service button next to the hardware asset you need service for.

See the How to open warranty service requests for servers and networking assets article for a walkthrough.

Who owns the warranty, and what happens if we stop the partnership with our client?

The warranty belongs to the owner of the asset for which the coverage was purchased (i.e. your end client).

That said, if you no longer work with that particular client, they can still get service from our ScalePad Warranty Services Team by using the information in their Warranty Coverage Card.

See How to open warranty service requests without signing in for additional information.

My client has specific data security requirements and needs to keep their hard drive after a repair. Can I purchase this as an add-on to the warranty?

Defective Media Retention (DMR) is included with a ScalePad warranty at no extra cost.

Does your coverage include added parts (e.g. hard drives)?

  • Our Server coverage does include added parts, so long as they meet all of the following criteria:

    • We need to be notified of which parts were added when the service request is made, so we know what part to send out.

    • They would need to be new, genuine OEM parts, installed following best practices.

    • Added parts must be from the same manufacturer as the server

    • The parts must be fully functional and up to spec at the time of buying coverage

Are SATA and/or SSD drives included in the coverage?

Yes, SSDs are included so long as they are OEM standard.

  • SSD/SED drives have a limited Device Life, typically referenced as “Usage” or “Wear”, which are subject to varying maximum usage/wear limitations set by the SSD/SED manufacturer.

  • Industry-standard warranty coverage covers failures due to defects in workmanship and/or materials. As such, if an SSD fails due to reaching the end of its Device Life, it won't be covered by a ScalePad warranty.

Do you cover hardware assets even after the OEM warranty period?

Yes. We offer warranty coverage far beyond an OEM's suggested end-of-life. With ScalePad warranties, you can keep an older server covered for longer. So long as they’re eligible for coverage, you can buy coverage for them.


Navigate to the Warranties dashboard to see which of your server and networking assets are eligible for coverage.

If I buy coverage for my 13-year-old server, can you guarantee you'll have the parts available?

Absolutely. If you can buy coverage from within our platform, that means we’ll have the parts available in case your hardware asset requires service.

Our staff checks every order to ensure we can provide service for each hardware asset. If there are any issues, we will reach out and keep the communication clear.

How do we get a warranty coverage estimate for a hardware asset that's not syncing to ScalePad Lifecycle Manager?

All assets in Lifecycle Manager should be syncing from a connected integration. Once the assets are on our platform, you can utilize our automated warranty procurement and service request process.

If you’ve got a PSA or a documentation tool integration and want to learn a quick workaround about how to quote prospective clients that haven’t been added to your system yet, contact our Support team at

My covered hardware assets are being moved to a new office. Are they still under warranty?

In many situations, we can accommodate situations like office moves.

  • What you'll need to do is contact us as soon as possible so that we’re aware and we can communicate this information to our warehouses to ensure they will have stock available close to your new address.

    In addition, this way we can notify you of any changes to SLAs and levels of service that may occur with the location change.

Can you purchase a ScalePad warranty on hardware currently covered with a manufacturer’s warranty?

Yes, you can purchase a ScalePad warranty on eligible assets currently covered with a manufacturer’s warranty. Our warranties are available to purchase up to 2 years in advance, with coverage always starting after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired.

Do we need to install the OS on replacement hard drives, or would this already be done?

You will need to re-install the OS on replacement hard drives. This applies to all hardware assets we cover (i.e. workstations and servers).

What level of software support do we get with server/ network coverage?

Our server/ network coverage is hardware break/fix coverage. In a break/fix event, our service partners will work with your team to confirm the cause of the failure. If hardware failed and the failure was confirmed to be a known issue with firmware, then our team should be able to provide the next recommended steps as part of the break/fix call.

Our team can't provide or install proprietary software, or perform other services outside of a hardware break/fix agreement.

Are there any exclusions to what's covered, and what's not?

For the full scope of what we cover, including exclusions, see our ScalePad Warranty Services Terms.

What happens if my covered asset has a failure that’s not covered by the ScalePad warranty?

If the service request is deemed to be outside of the scope of our coverage, ScalePad will inform the partner that the repair isn’t covered and the service request will be closed. In these rare circumstances, the partner would need to get the asset repaired outside of ScalePad.

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