Viewing software assets and status on your dashboard

On the primary dashboard, ScalePad Lifecycle Manager provides a high-level summary of both your hardware and software assets (based on your connected integrations). Software assets are grouped by asset type.

Software asset categories

The software assets are divided into 4 key software categories. Within each of those categories, total software assets identified under your management are divided into Supported, Unsupported, Unsupported Soon, and Unknown.

  • Supported - This asset is currently eligible for support from the software vendor according to the terms and conditions at the time of purchase.

  • Unsupported - This software asset has passed its lifecycle policy end-of-support date and will no longer receive any updates from the vendor.

  • Unsupported soon - The vendor will continue to provide servicing and support and stop providing updates for this software asset once its product lifecycle policy end-of-support date has passed.

  • Unknown - If the status is unknown, either the vendor has not published documentation about support or lifecycle, or we have not found it.

Clicking See all software assets opens the Software console where you'll be able to view any or all of your software assets that are synced into your account.

Dive into the metrics

Whenever you click into a category, you will be taken to your Software console, where you can see more details. The goal here is to identify any risk/opportunity that you want to take action on.

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