Autotask PSA missing product categories

Our system has detected a number of assets from your Autotask PSA integration without a Product Category.

Select Product Categories from sync settings - This setup makes the sync cumbersome—you’ll need to specify servers and workstations by individual products. To take care of multiple assets at once, it’s much easier to select Product Categories from your sync settings

How to resolve missing product categories in Autotask PSA

  1. Navigate to your Autotask PSA sync settings in ScalePad Lifecycle Manager

  2. Make note of which assets are “Uncategorized”

  3. Visit your Autotask PSA integration

  4. Attach these “Uncategorized” assets to a Product Category

  5. Navigate back to your Lifecycle Manager Dashboard and click Sync now

Once you've completed the outlined steps to attach product categories to your uncategorized assets in Autotask PSA and synced your data, they should be resolved in Lifecycle Manager.