How to resolve OEM lookup dates from being overridden

Dates are syncing in from your integrations, which are overriding the dates ScalePad Lifecycle Manager is getting directly from the OEM lookup.

Prioritizing dates from your integrations - Learn how Lifecycle Manager arranges and handles conflicting dates from integrations.

How to resolve the issue of OEM lookup dates that are being overridden

  1. On the Issues page, click the Download Remotely Overridden Hardware Assets Spreadsheet button in the Remotely overridden dates section.

  2. Locate and open the spreadsheet

  3. Sign into your affected integration(s) shown in the Source Column.

  4. Using the spreadsheet as a guide, navigate into the first hardware asset in your integration.

  5. Remove the culpable dates from within the affected integration.

  6. Repeat this process for every record in the spreadsheet.

  7. Once the dates have been cleared from the integration, navigate to your Lifecycle Manager Dashboard and click Sync now.

The Date Type column identifies whether it is a Purchase or Expiry date being overridden. The Manual Date column overrides the dates in the Manufacturer Date column.

Once you've followed the outlined steps, and after clicking Sync now, cleared out date(s) will be replaced by OEM lookup dates.