How to buy warranties for clients

This guide will walk you through buying warranties from start to finish. From selecting your hardware assets through to the checkout, we'll make sure you have all the information you need.

You should verify that your hardware assets' addresses are correct, in case a service call is ever required.

You must confirm your hardware assets are in full working order before buying warranties.


By co-terminating warranties, your coverage ends on the same day for all the hardware assets you're purchasing ScalePad Warranties for. Co-termination means that all warranties will match the longest coverage length of the hardware types you've added to your cart.

You can configure the Co-termination settings for warranties on a client-by-client basis. See How to configure client warranty coverage settings for more information.

Co-termination can also be turned off in the Warranty cart by unchecking the Co-terminate checkbox underneath the Warranty Purchase Summary.

1. Navigate to your Warranties page

Click the Warranties button in your left-hand navigation bar.

2. Select the client to buy warranties for

In this walkthrough, we're selecting Bando Inc. from the list.

3. Selecting eligible hardware assets

Select either servers, networking, or workstations from the Hardware type section.

If you cannot purchase a Scalepad warranty for a specific asset, then please contact support at with the following information: serial number, manufacturer, and model number.

Then, select the appropriate boxes on the left side of the hardware asset table.

Real-time adjustments
Warranty term length and markup percentages can be directly adjusted on the Warranty cart for selected assets.

4. Filtering eligible hardware assets

Previously, there was no easy way of finding particular assets for warranty renewal or to find assets that fit specific criteria. To quickly find the devices you are trying to renew or propose for renewal, you have options to narrow down your client's assets available for renewal by using the following checkboxes.

  • Selected items - Selecting this option only show selected items.

  • Out of warranty assets - Selecting this option shows assets available for warranties with expired or soon to expire warranties.

  • Assets between x and x years old - Selecting this editable option shows only assets within an asset lifecycle based on aging requirements. Note that assets with an unknown age are not shown when this filter is applied.

Search bar

You can also use the search bar to narrow down a search focus. The search bar acts as a filter and is really beneficial when you know exactly what you’re targeting. For example, using the search bar to identify a serial number, asset name, or model.

In the following example, there are 80 eligible workstations for warranty purchase. Assuming a policy of a 5-year "workstation replacement cycle, you could set a filter to see only workstations between the ages of 4 and 5 yrs old to reduce the number of assets to search through. In this example, applying that filter reduces the filtered list to 22 available assets from 80. Note that assets are listed from oldest to youngest in the list view. The list is further refined by adding a specific model type in the search bar.

With minimal effort, 80 workstation assets available for warranty purchase are refined to 4.

Cost of warranties

The total cost of warranties for purchase is identified in the Cost column of the asset list view and summarized above the asset list view.

Warranty term length and markup percentages can be directly adjusted on the Warranty cart for selected assets.

5. Select your Service

Use the drop-down menu under Service to choose the applicable option:

Servers and Networking assets

  • 4-hour on-site response (if available)

  • Next business day on-site response


*Only one option is available for workstations

  • Advanced exchange including accidental damage

Customize settings for a specific client - Click the Gear icon to adjust the Buying Warranties settings for this particular client. See the How to access and configure ScalePad Lifecycle Manager for each of your managed clients article for more information.

Create multiple warranty coverage proposal(s)
If you'd like to customize and generate multiple Warranty coverage proposal(s) to show to your clients before proceeding to checkout, you can adjust warranty term length and markup percentages directly on the Warranty cart for selected assets.

Once you’ve changed the settings, you can download proposals based on the new settings. Click the download Download Proposal PDF button to obtain the proposal PDF document.

6. Proceed to Checkout

Click the Go to Checkout button.

  • Verify the Client name and site address are correct

  • Fill out the Payment Method information

  • Select the checkbox "I certify that these hardware assets are in full working order and do not currently require service." to continue with order.

  • Click the Place Your Order button.

Once you've placed your order, you'll receive a confirmation email that includes your Warranty Coverage Card.

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