How to tailor your Hardware Lifecycle Report

Creating a tailored Hardware Lifecycle Report can enhance the way you communicate asset information to your clients. By customizing the look and feel of the report, you can ensure it reflects your company’s brand and meets the specific needs of your clients. This article walks you through the process of tailoring your Hardware Lifecycle Report.

Step 1: Access Your Settings Page

To begin customizing your report, navigate to Account Settings > Account. Here, you can adjust various settings to tailor the report to your preferences.

Step 2: Add Company Branding

Branding your report helps maintain a professional and cohesive image. Follow these steps to add your company’s branding:

  1. Enter Company Details:
    1. Company Name: Input the name of your company as you would like it to appear on the reports.
    2. Website URL: Enter the website address you want displayed on the reports.
  2. Upload Corporate Logo:
    1. Click the Edit Logo button.
    2. Choose an image file for your logo. The recommended file specifications are:
      1. Background: White or transparent
      2. Size: 600 pixels across or greater
      3. File Type: JPG, PNG, GIF, or WEBP
      4. File Size: 5MB or less
    3. After selecting the logo, click the Save Logo button.


Adding your company’s logo and details ensures that each report reflects your brand identity, making your presentations more professional and visually appealing.

Step 3: Set Display Currency and Date Formats

If you work with clients in different countries, it's important to adjust the display currency and date formats accordingly. Here's how to do it:

  1. Choose Display Currency:
    1. Select the currency in which you want the financial details of your report to be displayed. This ensures that the report aligns with your client’s local currency.
  2. Select Date Format:
    1. Choose the date format that you prefer for your reports. This maintains consistency and clarity in date representation.
  3. Set Starting Month of Fiscal Year:
    1. Define the starting month of your fiscal year. This is crucial for financial planning and aligning the report with your fiscal policies.

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