Opening warranty service requests without signing in

If you don't have your Lifecycle Manager sign-in information available or if you are an end client needing service for your hardware asset, you can still open a service request. Follow the steps below to get the service you need without signing in.

Submitting a service request

  1. Access the Service Request Page: Go to
  2. Choose Your Access Method: You will be prompted to either sign in or choose another way to get service. Click on Get service another way.
  3. Fill Out the Service Request Form: Complete the form with the necessary details.
      1. Main Contact: Enter the name of the person submitting this request.
      2. Service Details: Provide a brief headline of the problem and additional details describing the service request. Select the appropriate option for the asset:
        1. Not a workstation
        2. Manufacturer defect
        3. Accidental damage
    1. Asset Details:
      1. Serial Number: Enter the serial number of the asset requiring service.
      2. Reference Number: Enter the reference number from your coverage card.
  4. Submit the Request: Once all details are filled in, click the Submit service request button.
  5. Confirmation: After submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation dialog stating "Your service request was submitted."

You can later sign in to your Lifecycle Manager account to track the progress of your service request.

By following these steps, you can efficiently request service for your hardware asset even if you do not have immediate access to your Lifecycle Manager account. This ensures that you receive timely assistance without unnecessary delays.

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