Utilizing the Clients Summary Report for effective planning

The Clients Summary Report streamlines sales processes by providing a comprehensive breakdown of potential sales opportunities by device type and client. This article walks you through accessing, understanding, and utilizing this report effectively to enhance your business operations.

Accessing the Clients Summary Report

  1. Navigate to the Clients Console:
    1. Log into Lifecycle Manager and go to the Clients console. This section is accessible through the Clients direct link in the Top Menu.
  2. Generate the Report:
    1. Once in the Clients console, locate and click the Clients Summary Report button on the right-hand side of the page.

Automation and Scheduling

To ensure you stay on top of potential sales opportunities without having to manually generate reports, the Clients Summary Report can be automated to be received:

  • Monthly Automation: The report can be configured to automatically generate and be sent to you on the first day of each month. This automation starts at 8 AM Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), equivalent to 9 AM Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
  • Notification Management: For instructions on how to enable automated notifications, refer to the How to manage your notifications article.

Understanding the Report Contents

Derived Values:

  • Sales Opportunities: The report outlines the estimated sales opportunities by analyzing the average value per hardware asset, which can be adjusted based on your specific pricing or cost data.
  • Customization Options: You can tailor the values based on your business’s unique hardware replacement settings, ensuring that the estimates reflect your actual sales potential and pricing strategies.

Practical Application of the Report

Sales Strategy Development:

  • Identify High-Value Opportunities: Use the report to pinpoint which clients have the most significant number of aging or outdated devices, suggesting a focus area to propose replacements or upgrades.
  • Client Meetings: You can enter client meetings with a clear understanding of where the greatest opportunities lie, backed by data to support your proposals.

Budget Planning:

  • Forecasting Revenue: The breakdown by device type allows for general forecasting of potential revenue from hardware upgrades and replacements.
  • Resource Allocation: Knowing which clients or device types present the highest opportunities enables more efficient allocation of resources.

What the report looks like


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